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Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis PhD
Professor of Art, University of Texas

Native Visions: Cinema and the American Southwest

Friday, June 10 | 6:30 pm

For more than a century, Hollywood has used the American Southwest as a setting for popular movies such as My Darling Clementine, The Searchers, The Vanishing American, Windtalkers and many others. But Hollywood’s obsession with the region has come at a price for many Native people, who have been viewed through a lens of stereotype and ignorance. Hollywood’s shortcomings become apparent when we consider a competing stream of filmmaking---the lesser known movies by Native American directors and actors from the 1960s to the present. This lecture will explore the tension between these two cinematic traditions in the desert southwest, and ask how movies have shaped our understanding of American history in lasting ways.

Dr. Randy Lewis is the Professor of American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of three books including Navajo Talking Picture: Cinema on Native Ground. He is also co-producer of the documentary film, Texas Tavola: A Taste of Sicily in the Lone Star State. He is currently writing a book about surveillance technology in the U.S. as well as serving as editor of The End of Austin, a journal about urban studies that can be found at

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