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On view July 24 to October 31, 2021

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Samantha Voss for sponsorship information.

Lissa Noël Wagner Wing – Special Projects Gallery 

Lubbock artist Sara Drescher uses the ubiquitous casserole dish as a symbol through which to question pervasive issues faced by women in society. In her own words: “This ‘casserole’ series highlights the ingenuity and strength of women using nostalgia and humor. I also hope that it allows us to consider why stale and oppressive assumptions about the capabilities and value of women still hang around from the past.” 


Inspired by Postmodern artists such as Judy Chicago and Barbara Kruger, Drescher’s casserole dishes act as Trojan horses – seemingly innocuous vessels which harbor subversive messages about our ingrained systems of valuation.

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