Mary KramerMary Kramer, BorderLine
Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths and Legends"
April 5 – May 26, 2013
Here and Now Gallery

Mary Kramer
The Border Series: Oklahoma-Texas 2
Oil on canvas

Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths & Legends"

This selection of visual artists represents the many symbols that touch our deepest centers of motivation. These artists keep alive the associated ideas and imagery of public dreams derived from various cultural sources. This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland. 

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Mary Kramer
Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Mary Kramer spent most of her childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The landscape and culture of the Southwest remain influential in her life and work. In her paintings there is a profound connection between material and idea. The contemplative palette and richly layered surfaces evoke a sense of the earth, but also betray deeply considered concepts related to human concerns like memory, language and the boundaries drawn to preserve them. In the paintings she re-imagines the mysterious forces that link the mind and heart to the timelessness and continuity of the land.

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