Andrew Hancock David BoudiaAndrew Hancock's Chasing Greatness
Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths and Legends"
June 7 – August 25, 2013
Here and Now Gallery

Andrew Hancock
David Boudia

Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths & Legends"
This selection of visual artists represents the many symbols that touch our deepest centers of motivation. These artists keep alive the associated ideas and imagery of public dreams derived from various cultural sources. This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland. 

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Andrew Hancock
Andrew Hancock is an internationally recognized and published photographer currently based near Indianapolis and specializing in photography that combines motion, energy and personality. He routinely travels the country and abroad creating images for a wide variety of commercial and editorial clients. Hancock is a regular contributing photographer for Sports Illustrated magazine where he has multiple cover credits to his name and worked events such as the PGA Championship, Kentucky Derby, MLB Playoffs and the Super Bowl. While his specialties are action photography and location portraiture, he keeps to his roots as a photojournalist and remains involved in documentary, reportage and travel photography while also branching out in cinematography and multimedia production. This exhibition will examine the legendary figures, teams and rivalries of sport and how they affect people's lives. 

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