Greg DavisGreg Davis: India's Kumbh Mela
Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths and Legends"
November 15 – December 29, 2013
Here and Now Gallery

Greg Davis
Nectar of Immortality
Digital Pigment Print

Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths & Legends"
This selection of visual artists represents the many symbols that touch our deepest centers of motivation. These artists keep alive the associated ideas and imagery of public dreams derived from various cultural sources. This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland. 

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Greg Davis
National Geographic Creative Photographer Greg Davis traveled all the way to India to produce the grand body of work presented in this exhibition. India’s Kumbh Mela is a series of photographs captured at the world’s largest spiritual pilgrimage, occurring only once every 12 years. The legendary Kumbh Mela has been drawing Hindu believers to the confluence of the holy Ganges and Yamuna rivers for millennia. Bathed in myth, the 2013 Kumbh Mela attracted over 100 million pilgrims over the course of the 55 day festival, with a peak of an estimated 30 million on the most auspicious day, February 10, 2013. A short film entitled Cloth Paper Dreams complements Davis’ still images at the exhibition.

Greg would like to thank the many sponsors and donors who made his journey to India, and this exhibition, possible:

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Bart Doney and Ranae Pettijohn
Bill Haecker
JB and Kelly Kolodzey
Gary and Casey Davis
Abe and Jan Urbina
Sara and Jim Poston
Dado and Amy Matkins
Matt and Julia Bishop
Tomi Winstead
Alicia Hartzell

Allen and Renae Murray
David and Melinda Danchak
Greg Wolchansky
Brad Haygood
Scott and Lisa Monts
John and Megan Motheral
Brian Dawson
Sue Vaughn
Rebeca Anchondo
Katrina Blackwood
Paul Nixon
Bill Haecker
Mark Brunner
Teresa Finazzo
Kelsie Ennis
Renee Graham
Chris Hamm
Julie Bowman
Jenny Lim
Edgar Diaz
Shannon Kiley
Bill Peary
Tammi Ogletree
Wilfredo Raguro
Wes Ven Johnson
Michael Fisher
Ted and Karen Howell
Alan Ceshker
Maurine Denson
Mary Kay Knief
George Love
Melissa Rippy
Irene Luvaul
Suzann Madeley
Kevin Wilhelm
Meta Hunt
Al Jones
Lynn Mabe
Kimberley Orr
Scott and Melissa McClatchy
Chris Ogletree Davis
Doug Mazina
Lisa Faia
Rochelle Battles & Cody Cass
Kristi Gordy
Marnie Long
Dawn Boudreaux
Tammy Howard
Jim and Terri Miller
Larry White
David Ray
Ken Kuhl
Justin Jensen
Denise Strong
Scott Holland
Heidi and Chris Murphy
Robert Hood
COL Ret Thomas Ty and Holly Smith
Beth Honeycutt
Gilbert Magdaleno
Detlef and Debra Koertge
Michelle Gleckler
Megan Jaster
Dan Boesch
Marissa Meyer
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