Craig KosakCraig Kosak's New Age
Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths and Legends"
September 20 – November 3, 2013
Here and Now Gallery

Craig Kosak
Oil on canvas

Contemporary Artist Series 2013: "Myths & Legends"
This selection of visual artists represents the many symbols that touch our deepest centers of motivation. These artists keep alive the associated ideas and imagery of public dreams derived from various cultural sources. This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland. 

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Craig Kosak
Craig Kosak’s body of work titled New Age is inspired by the wildlife and landscapes he encounters while travelling. Each trip consists of both a journey through the outer world and an inner journey of self-discovery. Using a process that is both careful and strenuous, many layers of paint, strong graphic composition and bold colors are combined to set the stage for realistically rendered animals, objects and landscapes. The subjects are integrated with abstract elements and expressive brushwork representative of the inner emotive world. He works until balance between both worlds is achieved and the painting comes alive.

Made possible by the Arts Council of Midland.

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