TootleGoldenBooksGolden Legacy:
Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books

September 6 – December 29, 2013
Fredda Turner Durham Children's Museum

Tibor Gergely

Golden Legacy presents a unique opportunity to view the most extensive public showing of original illustrations published in America’s much-loved picture-book series, Little Golden Books. Launched in 1942—the first full year of America’s involvement in World War II—Little Golden Books made highquality illustrated books available at affordable prices for the first time to millions of young children and their parents. Sixty original illustrations, chosen from the vast Random House archive, are featured in the exhibition, as well as hands-on activities and reading material. Enjoy illustrations from picturebook classics such as The Poky Little Puppy, Tootle, Home for a Bunny, The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse, The Color Kittens, I Can Fly and more.

This exhibition was made possible by the Kinder Morgan Foundation and organized by the National Center forChildren’s Illustrated Literature (NCCIL), Abilene, Texas.


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