Family Fridays

Fam Friday BirdGATHER THE WHOLE FAMILY AND enjoy educational, fun activities based on themes that foster creativity and a love of learning. Sessions are designed for children ages 4 through 12 years old; though the whole family is encouraged to join in on the merriment as a variety of activities will be offered simultaneously. All Family Friday “come and go” sessions are held in the Blakemore Planetarium’s Brown Science Center, located on the Museum grounds, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and are free with Museum membership or paid admission.

Family Fridays are made possible by the Hendrix Wood Family Foundation with support from RBC Wealth Management, Nancy & Richard Gibson and Kathy & Michael Grella.

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SUMMER 2017:

June 9 - Fantastic Physics
Explore many different elements of physics such as surface tension, magnetism and energy transfer with fun and hands-on demonstrations and activities! Plus, meet a Minion, play some games and get your very own Family Friday drawstring bag! We will be joined by Professor Jeremy Lusk of Midland College to explain some cool physics tricks to us! 

  • Marble Race Energy Transfer
  • Magic with Static Wands
  • Surface Tension Liquid Art

June 16 - Infinity and Beyond
Think you have what it takes to go up, up and away into space? Compete in our astronaut training course, explore the solar system’s planets and constellations and add to a community galaxy mural.

  • Astronaut training course
  • Coffee filter planets
  • Weaving constellations
  • Galaxy Mural 

June 23 - Creepy Crawlies
Hang out among the flowers and the trees and explore the wiggly, fuzzy, sometimes creepy and always crawly insects in our own backyards. With special guest The Sibley Nature Center, we will be exploring nature all afternoon!

  • Tissue paper bees
  • Fingerprint lightening bugs
  • And more!

June 30 - Once Upon a Time
Knights and dragons and princesses, oh my! Explore the world of imagination through storytelling with the Museum and the Midland County Public Library. Dress to be transported to a land of adventure!

  • Unicorn finger puppets
  • Cardboard dragon jaws

July 7 - From My Point of View
It’s all about perspective - whether we are taking photos, telling a story or listening to others, we use our point of view to understand the world around us. Join Midland Need to Read and First 5 Permian Basin in exploring books, cameras, artwork, and all the ways we use perspective!

  • Matchbox cameras
  • Environment dioramas 
  • And more!

July 14 - Power Up! (Held in the Children's Museum)
How do we make airplanes fly or submarines dive? With energy of course! Energy can be harvested in a number of ways - let’s learn how engines, magnets, air and even the sun help us move forward - with special community guest, The Petroleum Museum!

  • Balloon Sponges
  • Robot cubes
  • And more!

July 21 - Garden Party
Summer may be hot, but there’s lots of cool things to be found when we explore the outdoors! This garden party is one you won’t want to miss.

  • Beaded carrots
  • Watermelon fans
  • Paper plate flowers
  • Bubble paint hydrangeas

July 28 - Happy, Healthy and Whole
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Learn about our bodies, how they work and how we can take the best care of ourselves and others. Bring your dolls, action figures or stuffed animals in for a check up too!

  • Straw hands
  • Paper bag lungs
  • Handmade stethoscopes
  • Spaghetti bones
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