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Lindsey Calla: Palimpsest

On view - February 28 - May 28

Exhibition made possible by: Rhotenberry Wellen Architects

LINDSEY CALLA extracts from the sedimentary layers of the Southwest a primordial poetry which the earth reveals to
any who seek to listen. Her 'Earth Auras' photographic series captures the meditative simplicity of the layers of time embedded into the arroyos and canyons of the Galisteo Basin and the badlands of New Mexico.

While experiencing her installations, in which Calla's richly printed images are suspended in pregnant space, viewers exist
between, among, and in these auras, aware of and in harmony with the resonating tones of geologic time. Each work communicates a vibration that is alive in the landscape, the beautiful arrangement of parts in accordance with nature.

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