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Katie Maratta The Long Horizon 2.jpg

On view July 10 to October 31, 2021

Exhibition made possible by FirstCapital Bank of Texas.

Lissa Noël Wagner Wing – Mary Blanton Kennedy Gallery

“It’s out in West Texas that you discover where the sky meets the land.” – Katie Maratta 


Displayed in its entirety for the first time at the Museum of the Southwest, Austin artist Katie Maratta’s The Long Horizon is a 1 inch tall by 70-foot-long landscape which captures the character and expanse of West Texas. Rather than focus on the sky itself, Maratta pinpoints where the heavens meet the earth – producing a horizonscape dotted with pumpjacks, horses, windmills, churches, and fast-food restaurants. The highly detailed, miniature format of Maratta’s work forces viewers to interact with her landscapes at close range. Mimicking the effect of driving down a Texas highway, The Long Horizon unfurls before viewers – a grand vista populated by little talismans of everyday life. 

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