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The COVID-19 pandemic is obviously, and unfortunately, an historic event for our communities. The mission of the Museum of the Southwest is to promote and support the arts, history, culture and science of the southwest, and we believe we should document our collective and individual experiences during this pandemic.

In alignment with our mission and expertise, the Museum intends to document citizens’ experiences through submissions of their photographs, essays and artwork. We encourage all citizens to participate.

Why Does This Matter? 

The sum of our experiences build and change our culture and our communities--and that becomes our history. Thus, without a record of or an appreciation for history we have no grounded identity, whether as individuals or communities. We hope this project will help make sense of the changes we are going through as a community, families and individuals, as well as provide a record for future generations of how we adapted and how we persevered.

Moreover, the arts--whether visual, writing or any other form--are an incredibly comprehensive and intuitive way to capture and share emotions and experiences among different groups of people and across eras. All art is a product of the times in which it was created, and art made today will serve as a valuable record for future generations about what life was like during this time.

Furthermore, as we are learning during this pandemic we rely heavily on the arts for coping and periodic escapes; we treasure the moments that allow us to recharge thanks to the arts--books, music, and yes, Netflix. Imagine life, imagine this period of time, without the arts. We all owe it to our community and to future generations to engage with and support the arts right now.


How Can You Participate?

One of the guiding principles of the Museum of the Southwest is that everyone can be a creator--we all have the ability to make art or be a historian whether we know it or not. Your photographs, your memories, whether short essays or long stories, will become the artworks and historical records that will stir emotions in future generations and help us understand who we were and who we have become.

Everyone can participate in this project, and we want to hear from everyone—including frontline workers in the essential businesses including grocery stores and public safety/medical professionals, educators, students, from people in the workforce, and from families and individuals.


Here’s how:

  • Submit online submission form

  • Email your thoughts and images  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Message the Museum through Facebook, or leave comments to any social media posts about this project.

You can submit thoughts or materials as many times as you want, or as things change for you.


Our call for Permian Basin and West Texas citizens:

  • Document this time--the adaptations you are making, the struggles, the accomplishments, the happy and the sad--through photographs and through short (or as long as you’d like) essays, stories or comments.
  • Use this project to vent frustrations, document the mundane day-to-day, the amazing efforts of our community to respond, or to inspire hope for the future. There is no wrong way to participate.
  • Tell us things like:
  1. How has your life been affected?
  2. How has your work been affected?
  3. How are you staying emotionally connected with friends and loved ones?
  4. What is it like being a student right now? A teacher?
  5. Take pictures of your life at home.
  6. What are your greatest hardships—and how are you addressing them?
  7. What brings you peace or joy right now?
  8. What do you want future generations to remember and how should they learn from your experiences?
  9. What shouldn’t we forget about these days and weeks?
  10. What makes you hopeful for the future?
  11. Do you think you’ll be different after this experience? If so, how?
  12. Take pictures, lots of them, candid and/or arranged—send us some of them now, save the others for later.
  • Again, take pictures and write down your thoughts—email us your photographs and essays or stories or experiences and the Museum will archive them.

Our Call for Artists:

We have a special call for area artists—photographers, painters, drawers, poets, writers, musicians, and all other artists:

  • Please consider sharing images of your artwork that you are making in reaction to these circumstances with us and through us to the public.
  • We’ll collect the images, archive them, and periodically share with our audiences online.
  • Include your name and contact info, and info about what you are submitting, and whether you want to remain anonymous to the public or not.
  • Also, you may include information by which the public can access your work--your website or online shop, for example.
  • Dependent on fundraising, the Museum would like to create a special fund to purchase some of the artworks created during this time. 

What will we do with these materials?

  • We want to keep them in our archives.
  • We would also like, someday, to have an exhibition or series of exhibitions at the Museum curated out of these photographs, writings and works of art.
  • For artists, we will reserve one or more booths at SeptemberFest for a collective shop to sell artwork (without a fee to the Museum) that has been displayed through this project.
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