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Spotlight: Malia Gomez

On view January 27 to April 24, 2022

The first exhibition of the 2022 Spotlight series features San Antonio based artist Malia Gomez, who uses light and reflection as a means through which to explore themes of memory and mental health in her luminous multimedia works.


Inspired by the Latin phrase Ad Astra Per Aspera (Through Difficulties, to the Stars) the artist says of her work:


"Humans tend to remember the past as better than it was. A form of self-preservation. A comfort. An incentive to continue living.


Nostalgia plays a large part in my work. I am inspired by obvious totems and designs from the 1960s, 70s, and onward, such as the disco ball, floral patterns, and neon lights. Nostalgia is a practice that can make one feel safe when the world is in disarray.  


When we don’t know the way forward, we look back, taking comfort in the familiar before soldiering on into the unknown. For it is through difficulty that we reach the stars."


Pictured: Malia Gomez

Cool, Whipped

Mixed Media

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