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Warhol x Scholder: Cowboys & Indians

Coming Soon - October 2023

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Warhol x Scholder: Cowboys & Indians

October 3 - December 10, 2023

For the first time, Pop Art icon Andy Warhol and revolutionary Luiseño artist Fritz Scholder are paired in a two-person exhibition of their work.


Warhol x Scholder: Cowboys & Indians investigates the mythology of the American West through the work of two contemporary artists known for critiquing American culture.


Shortly before his death in 1986, Warhol began what would be his final series: Cowboys & Indians. A characteristic treatment of the American West's most iconic figures, both real and imaginary, Cowboys & Indians crystalizes a version of the West which Fritz Scholder long worked to complicate. 


When Scholder first moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, he vowed "never to paint the Indian." However, seeing the false image romanticized caricatures of Indigenous Americans had created, Scholder caused a stir in the 1970s when he began painting gritty portraits of what he dubbed the "real Indian."


This exhibition deals both with the real and the imagined, with narratives of the West black, white, and gray, and with the line in between.

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