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Glenna Goodacre (1949-2020)

Carefree, 1994


Bronze, ed.20/25

Gift of Lulene and Arthur Oldham


Questions to consider when visiting Glenna Goodacre’s sculpture Carefree:


  • What are the children in this sculpture doing?

  • How does the artist show movement in this sculpture?

  • What emotions are the children feeling?

  • Do you feel like you could join the children in their activity? Why or why not?


Glenna Goodacre was born in Lubbock, Texas.  She is well known for her sculptures of people, particularly children.  Goodacre has said, “I want my work to do more than just stare out at people… I try to tell a different story about the people in my art. Faces fascinate me, and I present the colorful, happy people that appeal to me.”

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