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The Turner Legacy Galleries are an exhibition space telling several stories, all centered around the Turner family. Three spaces were set aside in the Historic Turner Mansion and devoted to the story of Midland, the history of the house and the relationship between the family and the Kentucky Derby.

In the former guest room, the tales of the equestrian pursuits of the Turner, Durham, and Scharbauer families are explored featuring the two Kentucky Derby Trophies won by the families in 1959 and 1987. The library showcases the Mansion and the Turners’ time spent in the home with an interactive scrapbook and a scale model of the house. Additional informative panels throughout the Mansion provide context and background about the house and its importance to their family life. The solarium details a larger story of Midland with other notable historic structures and a brief timeline of Midland’s history.

The Museum of the Southwest’s exhibition team worked closely with Ralph Appelbaum & Associates (RAA) and Maltbie, a fabrication company, to design and build this beautiful new exhibition space. RAA is a world-class exhibition design company, having designed the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and even the Lego House in Denmark.

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