Teachers and chaperones are responsible for their group’s behavior throughout the entire visit.

Chaperones are expected to stay with the students at all times. Please provide at least one chaperone for every 10 students. The docent, whose role is educating the students about the exhibitions and galleries, relies on teacher and chaperone supervision and discipline for a successful and productive visit.


Teachers and chaperones are also responsible for dividing up their students equally into groups prior to arrival. Thank you for your cooperation!

To make your Museum experience as enjoyable as possible, please read this to prior to your visit and share information with Chaperones and students as you see fit.

  1. If you need to cancel your tour for any reason please do so within 24 hours.  We understand emergencies arise so in the case of an emergency please call as soon as possible.

  2. Please be on time.  Many times we have tours scheduled before or after your group arrives, so tardiness will cut down your allotted tour time.  If you know you will be late please notify the Museum so we can adjust your tour to make the best use of your time.

  3. Please ask your students to wear name tags; it is helpful if docents can address students by name to make the visit more personal. As a safety precaution we also ask that teachers and chaperones wear a name tag to identify themselves.

  4. One adult chaperone for every ten students is required. We ask that teachers and chaperones identify themselves to tour guides at the beginning of the tour.

  5. Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher and chaperones; please instruct chaperones accordingly.

  6. Upon arrival at the Museum, docents and/or security officers will give instructions upon entering and leaving the building. Chaperones are requested to assist students in following these instructions.

  7. During the Museum tour, chaperones are asked to stay with their students as a group, making sure that no students fall behind during the tour.

  8. Please check umbrellas, backpacks and all other bags in excess of 11”x15” in the lobby. Please gather coats in one area so none are left behind.

  9. No gum, food or drink is allowed in the Museum building.

  10. Out of respect for your tour guide we request that cell phones are silenced and put away.

  11. The Museum reserves the right to inspect any book bags or other objects that a visitor holds prior to departure from the building.

  12. Chaperones are very helpful and important throughout the tour and also at the end of the tour. When we ask your group to clean up and gather for a head count, Chaperones should place themselves in areas of high traffic and help children to put things back where they belong. Chaperones may also feel free to direct the child back to the gathering point so that all visitors can be accounted for prior to departure.


Please review these with your group prior to your visit

  1. No running

  2. No yelling

  3. No food, drink or gum allowed in galleries or auditoriums.

  4. Treat exhibits with respect

  5. When you are finished playing or using something please return it to where you found it.