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Lee Harris-1 (2002x3000).jpg

Harris (hebrides 2)

Catherine Lee (b. 1950)

Harris (Hebrides 2), 2003


Fabricated and patinated bronze


Questions to consider when visiting Catherine Lee’s sculpture Harris (Hebrides 2):


  • What kinds of lines and surfaces did the artist use to create this sculpture?

  • Does this sculpture feel man- made or natural?  Why?

  • Does the form of this sculpture remind you of a human form, a landscape, an artifact, or other forms you have experienced before?  What aspects of this sculpture help you to connect with other images you have seen?

  •  Walk around the sculpture and look at it from different angles.  Does this sculpture feel balanced?  Why or why not?


Catherine Lee is a native of the Texas Panhandle.  Her minimalist Hebrides series of sculptures are named after the Hebrides off of the coast of Scotland.  They convey a sense of awe similar to what one would experience when seeing the landscape and ancient stone structures of this area.  The monochromatic patina used on this sculpture is consistent with Lee’s love of both sculpture and painting.  


To hear Catherine Lee speak about her artwork, please watch the following video clip:

MSW aerial.png
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