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Panzon ("chubby")

Dan Ostermiller (b. 1957)

Panzon (“Chubby”), 1989


Cast bronze, ed.#6/12

Bequest of M. Elizabeth Locker


Questions to consider when visiting Dan Ostermiller’s sculpture Panzon:


  •  The title of this artwork is Panzon, which means “chubby.” Why do you think the artist chose to call his sculpture by that name?

  •  What material is this sculpture made out of?  Close your eyes and imagine touching that material. What does it feel like?

  •  Open your eyes.  Take a look at how the artist has sculpted the curves of this bear.  If you were to touch the real bear, what do you think it would feel like?

  • What personality does this bear have?  How can you tell?


Growing up with a father that was a taxidermist gave Dan Ostermiller a thorough understanding of animal anatomy.  That knowledge enhances and translates to his bronze sculpture.  With this expressive bear named Panzon, meaning chubby in Spanish, he informs us all he comprehends about the animal through his artistic modeling, together with his use of chiseled line to create rich, tactile surfaces.  


For more information about Dan Ostermiller and his work, please visit the following link to watch a brief video clip:

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