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the naming

Doug Hyde (b.1946)

The Naming, 1981



Gift of Fred T. and Novadean Hogan


Questions to consider when visiting Doug Hyde’s sculpture The Naming:

  • How many people do you see in this sculpture?

  • Who are the women? What are they doing? Who is the child? What is their relationship to each other?  What clues tell you about who they are and why they are together?

  • How did the artist help you to distinguish between the individual people in the sculpture? What techniques did he use?

  • How does the artist make these individuals feel like they belong together and are one cohesive sculpture?

  • Doug Hyde was a student of Allan Houser, see Offering of the Sacred Pipe.  Compare and contrast The Naming and Offering of the Sacred Pipe.  What are the similarities and differences?

Learn more about the artist's process:

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