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golden eagle

Dan Ostermiller (b.1953)

Golden Eagle, 1996


bronze, ed. 1/6

Gift of the de Compiegne family in loving memory of Henri de Compiegne


Questions to consider when visiting Dan Ostermiller’s sculpture Golden Eagle:


  • How has the artist used line to show the movement of this eagle? What techniques did the artist use to make the eagle look like it is flying?

  • Why do you think the artist chose to show the eagle in flight instead of standing still?  If the pose of the eagle was changed, would you get a different feeling or emotion from the sculpture?

  • What do eagles represent to you?  Does this depiction of an eagle fit with that symbolism?  Why or why not?


Growing up with a father that was a taxidermist gave Dan Ostermiller a thorough understanding of animal anatomy.  That knowledge enhances and translates to his bronze sculpture.  Ostermiller’s sculptures offer more than just a realistic representation of animal forms.  The character and emotion of the animal also come across in his use of line and form. 


For more information about Dan Ostermiller and his work, please watch this brief video clip and hear the artist talk about his work.

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